Brian and Melissa are very knowledgeable and friendly. Very welcoming atmosphere. Great products. A place you should definitely want to support, as they want to help you, and not just take your money. I hope we see more businesses like this pop up.
— Destiny a.

Both Melissa and Brian are extremely knowledgeable on the CBD products they carry. They make sure that each product comes from a reputable source. I recommend them to EVERYONE looking to try CBD because I TRUST them completely!
— Sheryl p.

Great selection of CBD products and Brain and Melissa will do everything they can to make sure you are getting the right product for your needs. They are more interested in helping you vs selling you something you wouldn’t need. Their knowledge and passion truly is incredible.
— Jason s.

I would recommend them 100% they are very helpful and knowledgeable on what would be the best for your needs!! I am happy to say that my sleep went from 2-3 hrs a night to 7-8 hours a night!! PLUS I have chronic pain in my knees and legs and i have been able to increase my steps to almost 7000 everyday from barely 1000!!! Which has improved my weight loss and made it possible for a knee replacement surgery!!! I can’t say thank them enough for all of their knowledge and help! I feel like they have given me my life back!
— Stacy p.

Very happy with my experiences so far at the Hemp House. They have a nice selection of product and genuinely want to do good in the world and help people. Brian helped me choose a new CBD product for my son. Shop local, shop The Hemp House!!
— Jason b.

Between the honesty, friendliness, and knowledge The Hemp House in Deerfield, Wi has my vote for great selection of great cbd products. Best place to go and well worth the drive!! If your not savvy in cbd they will teach you and not look at you like your an idiot. Go here and get yourself schooled as I did. Such a great overall experience!! Will be returning again and again!!
— Lisa s.

I had previously been using Hempworx for my son (with little relief). I had no idea what Quality CBD could do for my 12 year old’s neurological tics and anxiety. He is 90% improved and we came from a place where he had no control over his exaggerated blinking, throat clearing, and neck stretching. I will never go anywhere else again. Bryan and Melissa are amazingly knowledgeable and kind. Love having a place to get his medicine so close by.
— Melanie m.

Okay, I suck at reviews, but I want to say how awesome the people are at the Hemp House. They take the time to talk to you about everything and go over things. They clearly took the time to answer all my questions. I called my Dr about CBD oil they said if I could write you a prescription I would but remember you get what you pay per the Dr. The Hemp House crew are so wonderfu,l so understanding they knew exactly what I needed to help me and my pain. After the first day i was a bit skeptical but then I could walk again. My pain in my leg is different than before and down on pain and ibuprofen. Thank you for giving me life changing events.
— Evonne h.